Portability of the Icare Tonometer Brings It to Tanzania

Portability of the Icare Tonometer Brings It to Tanzania

The Icare tonometer is being praised for its outstanding “ease of handling, portability, as well as reliability” by EyeCorps. The nonprofit ophthalmology group is dedicated to helping others and changing the world by reducing cataract blindness in developing countries. Portability of the Icare Tonometer Brings It to Tanzania

While cataracts are easily treatable with a short surgical procedure, a lack of doctors and equipment often prevents cataract patients in undeveloped regions from being screened and receiving the procedure. This results in them going blind. EyeCorps members travel to these areas to provide equipment and medical personnel to diagnose and treat cataracts in more patients. 


EyeCorps Partners with Moran Global Outreach

Recently, EyeCorps and their partners at the University of Utah’s Moran Global Outreach purchased two Icare ic100 tonometers to take to remote villages in Tanzania. Lisa Williamson, RN, described how the tonometers were flown to Tanzania and then transported in the back of pickup trucks to reach cataract sufferers in isolated areas.

Portability of the Icare Tonometer Brings It to Tanzania

The teams from EyeCorps and Moran Global Outreach worked with local ophthalmologists to set up OR's in villages where they could transfer valuable skills and training to medical staff and perform as many cataract surgeries as possible in a mere week. Such efforts can restore sight to blind patients and equip local ophthalmologist staff with the knowledge they need to prevent others from going blind in the future.


Icare Tonometer Portable, High-Performing

Williamson reported that despite the sometimes rugged traveling and large number of patients seen, the tonometers performed accurately every time. Icare is pleased to hear from satisfied customers that our products are working as designed even in untraditional circumstances. 

We are thrilled that our equipment is being used for such important causes as blindness prevention and look forward to continuing to provide cutting-edge technology that in the hands of organizations such as EyeCorps and Moran Global Outreach can change the lives of thousands of people.





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