Which iCare tonometer is best suited to your specific needs in different clinical situations?

 iCare tonometer used on a patient

iCare tonometers IC100, IC200 and HOME are designed to meet the specific needs of eye care professionals and patients in a range of different clinical situations and environments.

iCare IC100 is a reliable tonometer for professional use that excels when measuring intraocular pressure (IOP) in an upright position. The versatile flagship model iCare IC200 offers the additional freedom of measuring in all the necessary positions in challenging environments such as eye surgery or emergency duty. iCare HOME, on the other hand, is designed for self-measurement by patients – a valuable tool for better glaucoma management based on comprehensive real-world IOP data.

Accurate, safe, quick, and easy IOP measurements for all patients

All iCare tonometers deliver accurate results and are exceptionally fast and easy to use. These ergonomic handheld devices are designed according to the user. All three models are safe and suitable for patients of all ages, from young children to elderly patients. *

IC100, IC200, and HOME all use iCare’s patented rebound technology, which allows painless and hygienic IOP measurement without local anesthesia.

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IC100 for excellent performance when measuring in upright positions

iCare IC100 tonometer is a modern and reliable choice for measuring IOP in a standing or sitting position, typically in a clinic environment. However, the durable, handheld, and fully portable device can be easily transported and used anywhere.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, IC100 has been used in drive-in IOP screenings for example in the USA. Patients have their eye pressure measured through the window opening while sitting in their vehicle, and the use of hygienic, single-use probes eliminates the risk of cross-contamination. This practice has made it possible to perform mass IOP measurements safely and efficiently under exceptional circumstances.

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IC200 for measuring IOP in all the necessary positions in challenging situations, including surgery and emergency rooms

iCare IC200 enables the eye care professional to measure the IOP of a patient flexibly in any position: standing, sitting, reclined or supine. The measurement can be conducted with the patient’s head held at an angle, and the automated positioning assistant helps the eye care practitioner to align the device precisely and obtain accurate results in positions where this was previously considered extremely difficult, if not impossible.

This positional freedom is convenient in the clinic and essential in a hospital environment: in emergency rooms, or before, during, or after surgery. The iCare IC200 is a valuable tool for the eye care professional when treating patients who are confined to the supine position in the ward or in a wheelchair with a permanently tilted head.

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iCare HOME for self-measurement by the patient and a new level of glaucoma care

iCare HOME tonometer is a revolutionary self-measurement tool for diurnal IOP monitoring. This device enables a new level of glaucoma management based on real-world IOP data measured by patients themselves. iCare HOME is the world’s first self-tonometer, currently widely used in many geographic regions.

The patient can carry the iCare HOME with them in a small, sturdy carrying case and take IOP measurements several times a day during normal daily activities. Comprehensive documentation of IOP levels and peaks at different times of the day helps the eye care professional to optimize and personalize glaucoma management: to find the optimal medication, dosage, and installation schedule for the patient in question and to make informed decisions about surgery.

iCare HOME is especially useful when treating post-surgery patients, patients with reasonable in-office IOP levels but presenting with visual field progression, and patients with higher risk for elevated pressures and fluctuations. **

Under current circumstances caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, iCare HOME offers both eye care professionals and patients invaluable support by enabling remote assessments and reducing congestion in waiting rooms at clinics.

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